Our Products

Fertilizer that doesn’t cost the earth!

We are proud to provide the agricultural industry with a range of responsible Bio-Fertilizer products. Our Bio-Fertilizers can provide a cost effective replacement to mineral fertilizers, reducing your on farm input costs alongside improving your farms sustainability and carbon footprint.

Our range of Bio- Fertilizer products allow us to work with you to supply your farm with the most suitable products to match your crop nutrient requirements. Our Portfolio can supply your farm with N,P,K,S, Micro Nutrients and Trace Elements.

We supply farms throughout North West England, North Wales and Shropshire with our range of products, in 2021 we delivered 196,000 tonnes on to farm, consisting of 7153 deliveries from our fleet. 

With the high Mineral Fertilizer prices currently being experienced we can maintain yield and offer your business cost effective alternatives.

More Information on our products can be found below, don`t hesitate to contact our technical team if your require anymore information.


Digestate is a well balanced "compound" liquid fertiliser consisting of all the key nutrients with high nutrient availability. Great for Grassland, Maize and Cereals it is a direct replacement for chemical Nitrogen. Approved by the Soil Association so suitable for organic use.

Form: Liquid

Nutrients: N, P, K, S

Application method: Spread via umbilical cord system and 12 metre dribble bar / Delivered in to on farm Lagoon / Tower Storage.

Application Rate: 8.5t/acre

Target Crops: Grass, Maize, Cereals, Potatoes

Price: £125 P/Ha Supplying 126 KG N / HA

Nutri-Balance Commercial

Nutri-Balance Commercial is a liquid fertiliser which we blend to provide you with a balanced nutrient mix. Delivered into the field by umbilical cord system and applied using a direct injection method we place this under the ground below the plant roots. Consisting of the N, P & K Nutri-Balance Commercial is a popular all round Bio-Fertilizer. The Nitrogen is in slow releasing form and so the crops benefit over time as this slowly becomes more available to them. In a single pass we flatlift and fertilise your land breaking compaction and aerating as we go.

Form: Liquid

Application method: Delivered by Artic Tankers in to nurse tanks and spread via umbilical cord and Shallow/Deep Leg Injector.

Application Rate: 60t / Ha

Target Crops: Cereals, Maize, Grazed Grass, Silage/Hay/Haylage.

Price: Price on Application ( Based on Delivery area)


Ahlstrom is our High Potash, Sulphur and Sodium liquid fertiliser. Great for maize, cereals and grassland alike it comes on tankers and we use an umbilical cord system to apply to your land. An alternative replacement for MOP significant cost savings can be made. Where used on grass the sodium will increase the palatability of the grass and could also help to reduce staggers.

Form: Liquid

Application method: Delivered by tanker and spread via umbilical cord system and splashplate.

Application Rate: 10.5t/acre

Target Crops: Cereals, Maize, Grazed Grass, Silage/Hay/Haylage

Price: Price On Application (Based on Delivery Area)